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a place, usually a city but could be just a town, school or even a group of homosexuals, that is full of gays.

term often used to describe sports teams that attract a lot of bandwagon fans.

fagcity is usually followed by the phrase: "All they want is dick."
Chris: Dude, what is your favorite soccer team?
Dylan: Real Madrid dude. Ronaldo is a beast!
Chris: Real Madrid is fagcity.

Kurt: Dude, what team are we playing this week?
Dylan: Grace Brethren.
Kurt: Poly is fagcity. All they want is dick.
by LikeaBauss6969 December 10, 2011
a city inhabited by gays only...nobody likes fagcity
a term used to describe anybody/thing/act that is supper gay
Billy: Hey dylan what are u doin tonight
Dylan: Playing Skyrim
Billy: dude that's so fagcity
by The Beast6969 November 28, 2011
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