A guy who deliberately uses an event or sequence of events jokingly as an excuse to obtain excessive physical contact with another guy.
Hey Cletus, do you want to make a youtube video where i'm sticking a screwdriver into live mains on a fuse panel, I start convulsing and you come up behind me doing the same as you bear hug and attempt to slowly pull me to the ground like a fagcake would, as a "joke?"
by riiiiiiiiiiiight February 01, 2013
Top Definition
A person who obviously a flakey fag, dumb and queer.

Your little brother is such a lil fagcake
by Rich J. May 12, 2006
one who is gay and enjoys it; also enjoys anal sex or man pussy seefag
Man, that lame ass fag cake...why is he so happily gay?

George is such a fag cake. he has a new boyfriend every week.
by M_Nick September 08, 2006
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