Fagalicious: adj. one who is being a fag, gay, homosexual, fruity or jhio.
Wow. That kid is hella fagalicious. What a homo.
Yea, look at those guys making out. Fagalicioius
by Thatonechick21 August 23, 2007
Excessively homosexual or idiotic action. See homoriffic.
That kid's fagalicious, all he ever does is make gay jokes.
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
a man that flaunts his homosexuality as if it is everyones case.
that fagalicious man is annoying me with his sexuality.
by kickassio March 08, 2006
A fag who acts like he's straight. Antonym-FAGRACIOUS
Hey, Joe, I ain't got nuttin against gays or anythin, but the guy is so queer, he acts fagalicious.
by Will K. February 22, 2005

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