Someone who really likes thier cigarettes and or is a chain-smoker
Fagalicious smokes 100's.
by blue1633g3 November 19, 2009
Top Definition
To be hot, attractive, or appealing in a gay way. Can apply to people, behaviors, or inanimate objects.
Brian's bubble butt is fagalicious.
by LauraO March 05, 2006
Among gay men, something that is extremely gay but also generally enjoyable. Used in a generally positive, if somewhat arch or ironic, way.
There were drag queens and go-go boys and porn stars at that party in the Hollywood Hills, and I was up all night partying with those guys. Totally over-the-top and fagalicious.
by Brian Dewar July 10, 2005
1.Someone so abruptly gay that they seep rainbows from the very homoerotic pores of their silk loving bodies. Commonly only found in the colon-like depths of Castro Street, San Francisco.

2. Some one so deliciously gay they are only equal to that of elton john and butt plugs
Dude that shirt is soo fagalicious you vomit rainbows.
by wilsongbo August 04, 2009
Something which is so faggatronic that it's delicious.
Your plan is not just devious, it's fagalicious. I love it.
by Kakisho January 13, 2012
Someone or something so gay yet strangely delicious at the same time!
O0o0o0 boy them frootloops be fagalicious!
by faggedy fagster April 18, 2003
something that is totally gay, in every way possible.
Man, that was fagalicious!!!
by sinji5959 April 18, 2009
Where ur such a fag that you"re labled as fagalicious
STRAIGHT GUY: i love u man

SECONDSTRAIGHT GUY: dude your're so fagalicious that it's not even funny im tellin ur girlfriend
by supra girl November 11, 2009
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