One who is of a lower sexual orientation than that of yourself
Sellular is a fagalard, hes always cutting out pictures of Mens Health and reading cosmo(Teen)
by NayVar February 21, 2008
Top Definition
Term that describes pathetic fat losers who play with Transformers all day.
NayVar is such a fagalard all he does is compare Starscream to Megatron all day.
by sellular February 20, 2008
One who creates an E-gang on a message board to be with the in crowd, they ultimately become lame outcasts.
JD is such a fagalard, all he does is eat tostinos(cancer in a box) and preach Team Elephuck all day.

Swirlbaby, joined an e-gang so we would stop picking on him, it only made it worse, however.
by K1llfac3 March 03, 2008
Someone who devises an elaborate E-scheme that makes them appear as something they are not(generally dudes as hot young girls). Chris Hansen visits are the ultimate goal of these sexual deviants. These types are resistant to truth serum and resistant to getting laid.
Asahi yo Nobore(Hurricanedra) played arguably the biggest game of guess who by pretending to be a 16y/o asian girl thru message boards and even facebook. What a fagalard he turned out to be.

SpartanSqaud is a fagalard, he claims that he was Asahi, which in reality is a death sentence in itself.
by Nay- March 21, 2008
One who makes false statements on a message board trying to stop an E-Beat down by claiming their mom is in fact dead when somebody makes a mom joke about them.
Shane the Horse is such a fagalard, we all new his mom was alive cuz she gives us BJ's on the weekend.
by Sellular1 February 25, 2008

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