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1. A boy or boyish girl who is a total douche

2. Someone who is supremely gay

3. Paris Hilton
Bob- (Walks in the apartment heading towards the bathroom) Wuddup dude?

Steve- Wuddup? ...Wait are you taking a shit?

Bob- Totally.

Steve- Dude, you are such a fagpie.
by Karma The Kid July 14, 2009

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insult, a colorfull metaphore to pertain to the amount of ones gayness
person: why cant we get along?
person: dude....ur such a fucking fag pie filled with fag filling topped with whipped fag
by zane g March 25, 2008
A derogatory word for a homosexual.
Wow, that man who likes men is such a fag-pie!
by Kristian M. December 27, 2005