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noun: similar to a recent word of the day (which are picked by illegal aliens who don't speak english)...gay-crashing. Meaning; the act of entering an event or activity meant for gay and lesbian persons, whether straight (stupid word) people are welcomed or not. For instance; not all gate crashers are unwelcomed, they simply went where they weren't part of ''the gang'' or invited
verb; the act of entering an event or activity meant specifically for gay or lesbian persons.
I had a blast Saturday I played fag-along with my gay son and his fag-hag Miranda. whoooot!
by Cathi Robertson July 10, 2008
A homosexual male who hangs out with groups of straight women - opposite of a fag-hag
No he isn't my boyfriend - he is a fagalong.

by Svetlana N. S. March 21, 2008
When a gay friend either male or female uses the protection of a group of all males or all females in order not to get jumped.
Homo Joe is in our group and tags along as our fag-along.
by simpson_krissie July 17, 2008
a homosexual that will not leave one alone; fag tagalong
I hate david hes such a fagalong
by pokemon master88 August 27, 2010