A person who has the swagger of a faggot.
One who dresses, looks, acts, etc. like a homosexual.
Mike: dude look at that kids swag, like a New Boy.
Kylie: na man, he got fag swag.
by kyllaky420 August 11, 2010
Top Definition
The distinctive walk of an individual gay male
OMG I didn't even need to see his face i could tell it was him by his fag swag from across the street.
by Cecil Moore November 10, 2006
a gay person's actions that make them seem gay, or show/prove that they are in-fact, gay. this also applies to when someone who is obviously gay tells you that they are not, but acts like they are, 100%.
yo, that guys got some mad fag swag,
by chiefbossjawn May 18, 2011
People who do everything a gay person does.
That boy over there looks like a fag, walks like a fag, talks like a fag... He just got fag swag.
by ChingChongTheChinaman January 31, 2010
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