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a gay guy who gets alot of men
WOw shant the fag magnet got alot of guys at the gay club
by JAMES TYLER January 20, 2007
A certain individual, primarily a man, that attracts gay men. Usually because the said individual is a fag himself.
Every time Landon goes out he always ends up taking some guy home with him. He has turned out to be quite the fag magnet!
by Roy Caceras January 30, 2009
someone who attracts gay people not necessarily as mates but as friends as well.
If 95% of your friends are gay or bi, your probably a fag magnet.
by cocolatte October 19, 2011
A homosexual that attracts gays. Basically a complex word which may confuse others. Also it kinda rhymes.
You fagmagnet.
by Cwis October 17, 2003
Joe Williamson
Joe is such a fagmagnet.
by marie January 27, 2005
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