Used as an insulting term, it is another name for a butthole.
People can take in and push things out of their "fag-hole"
by lopez.oz5150 October 15, 2014
A person who sees the world though a very small opening. it is this opening by which only shit comes out, and the world is trying to fuck them though. A person who cannot see or is open to any other possibilities or ideas. They are in a rut, and most of the time they cannot see what is happening around them because they seem to be wedged between the shit trying to get out, and the dick trying to get in.
I have doing anything with Steve! He is such a fag hole. That fag hole is such a downer to every thing we do.
by Theodore R. Hazen February 29, 2008
a person that acts gay and being a asshole
my friend is a faghole
by foreheadman November 05, 2011
A hole in your throat, usually smokers have them.
Ex 1. Dude, that chick took my wang straight to her fag hole.

Ex 2. Stick in it your fag hole.

Ex 3. Jim: I stuck my dick in that chick's fag hole

Tom: Wow dude, talk about deep throat!!
by BIF69 September 16, 2009
A gay fat kid who sits around and plays his ps2 all day.
Zack is such a faghole- he never gets off the fucking ps2!!
by Beautiful MEEEEEEEEEEE! =) June 10, 2009
Someone who is a fag and also a total ass hole.
Oh my God you are such a faghole!
by Gagfag May 16, 2015

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