A woman who has more gay male friends than others, leaving a shortage of fags.
Jennifer: Wanna go to the mall?
Dina: No sorry I'm already going with Richard tonight and tommmorow with Cliff.
Jennifer: You are such a fag hag you fucking bitch! Give me one of them!
Dina: No way!
by Insane Nu Yawka July 18, 2005
a girl who's only attracted to androgynous boys or dudebitches
her boyfreind looks just like her, she's such a faghag
by kmfcm September 27, 2005
A girl who drools over gay men and their sex lives.
"*makeout with a guy* Shut the fuck up bitch, you ain't got no chance with me."
by Mooshmallow May 11, 2005
A fat or otherwise ugly female who associates with loser gay men. She is shunned by all gay men with any dignity or self-respect.
I'm such a fag hag, I love gay men!
by Hater101 October 22, 2006
A 'fag-hag' is a close, often homosexual friend who happens to be the opposite sex. One who has little to no chance of becoming sexually interested in you, largely due to orientation. This often allows for a platonic bond far closer and deeper than conventional friendships.
Useful if a person wishes to fool their parents about their orientation. The fag-hag will be introduced as their friends' boyfriend or girlfriend.
I heard person A telling person B that person C went and got themselves a fag-hag.
by Walking Talking Dictionary December 12, 2006
a woman who sprung forth from the clutches of a gay man to learn how to suck cock, put on make-up, walk in heels, talk filthy to put off any desireable straight man (cause any desireable straight man is probably gay any way). Whose hair and make-up get bigger and brighter as the years of alcohol wear in. Suffers from moments of hysteria and self-delusion...often. Loves kids but only if they can match and fit into her luggage. Enjoys bon bons (probably too much). Listens to George Michael, and can use the word MARY as a noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, insult, compliment, and prayer all at the same time...that ladies and gentlemen is a fag hag.
Elizabeth Taylor=Fag hag
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007
an overweight (fat) girl who spends most of her days with gay boys because straight boys aren't attracted to her. she has a lot of confidence and high self-esteem because her fags always compliment her and say that she's pretty (even tho through other peoples eyes, she's really not attractive). she's the center of attention at clubs and parties and all the fags want to dance with her and get her drunk. sometimes (most of the time) the fag hag falls in love with her fag because he knows her in and out and understands her the most. also when she's intoxicated she has a habit of making out with gay boys and at times hookin up with them (getting fingered, wackin off the fag, and rarely sex but it happens) then in some rare cases a fag hag gets pregnant by a fag and says its from a straight boy cause they dont wanna look stupid. also a fag hag gets jealous when her fag hangs out with other gurls without her, or those that she doesn't know. a fag hags life is complicated because she can't fit in with the straight crowd and only feels comfortable with the fags, but unfortunately the gay world is not stable so she tries her best to stay in the loop of things so that she doesnt get replaced by a newer, younger, prettier, or somewat skinnier fag hag.
fag 1:did u hear about that fag hag who got pregnant?
fag 2:yeah i heard it's from a gay boy.
fag 1:she says its from a straight boy, but no straight guy would wanna do her, she's an ugly fat fag hag.

fag: ur my favorite fag hag
fag hag: im ur only fag hag and i cant live without u cause without u im nothing but a fat desperate loser trying to fit into society.
by retired fag hag August 31, 2006

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