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An oft maligned term used to describe the deliciously complicated, emotionally rich relationship (albeit platonic...well sometimes...see "fag hag shag") that exists between a gay man and a heterosexual woman (occasionally a "made lesbian". Let's not forget the "made lesbians"! It took a long painful journey for us to arrive at this final destination, so let's savor the vicarious shout out in this definition.) The fag hag relationship is so synergistic and perfect that it should serve as the utopian model for all heterosexual relationships. Ideal characteristics include but are not limited to: unconditional love and understanding, unflinching honesty, and let's not forget fidelity and abject loyalty (oops, the chip that is missing in all heterosexual males.) One never has to worry about a gay man "cheating" on his fag hag. To the contrary, the fag hag is the emotional complement to a gay man's psyche (aside from a gay man's mother-either dead or alive.) Benefits include: tutorials in haute couture, interior decorating and party-planning as well as personal tips on beauty and grooming (every woman could use a personal stylist now and then!) While the pitfalls are few, the fag hag must invest a great deal of time and energy digesting the personal (sometimes all too personal!?) details of her gay man's sex life, whilst not possessing a fulfilling and enriching sex life of her own, or one at all! But it's all worth the time and effort expended as the rewards are great in nature and kind-an enduring partnership that is rooted in mutual respect and love (and let's not forget-it's NON-JUDGMENTAL.)
"As Dorothy, John's fag hag, gently caressed his sweaty brow as he lie quietly whimpering in the ER after a left testicle manual detorsion, she sweetly whispered in his ear, "I told you to lay off the Lazy Susan."
by larsrahmstadt March 10, 2008
154 152
You're a Fag Hag if:

- You're a straight girl/woman and your best friend is a gay guy.
- You were once in love with your GBF.
- He knows everything about you and vice versa.
- Your GBF can touch you inappropriately but you're JUST THAT COMFORTABLE around each other.
- You go trolling around the clubs with your GBF.
"Me and my Hag"

"Can't you do anything without your Hag?"

"You girl, are a Fag Hag."
by amiagbfbf? February 28, 2013
1 0
A woman whose gay best friend is the best part of her. Without her gay best friend, said woman really has nothing else going for her.
Doug: Hey who's that loser friend of yours who keeps hanging around.

Liam: Ugh, that's just our fag hag. She's got nothing else going on.
by So Mi Mi October 15, 2009
18 17
A girl who unknowingly or compulsively collects gays. Also has a strong gay-dar to seek out more to collect. A name usually said about her behind her back.
Mom: So i see you have another one?
Tam: Another what?
Mom: -Snicker- well it okay if you like to collect them. you know some kids collect baseball cards. make up, or even pez despinsers. but i'm all for it if you want to collect gays and be a Fag Hag. -burst out laughing-
by Raynie Dai January 23, 2010
4 4
A woman who happens to have a large collection of gay males for friends.
Tina is such a fag hag.
by ohmywrd May 17, 2009
6 6
Girl or woman who likes gay guys.
Helena is a faghag, she loves her friend who happens to be gay.
by Summersun80 June 07, 2011
13 14
A woman that hangs around gay people.
That woman is always hanging out at the gay bar.
Yeah, she's a fag hag.
by Codeman911 October 02, 2008
6 8