A woman who likes the company of gay men. It can be affectionate or offensive, depending on the usage.
"I totally only have gay friends, im a total Fag Hag" (Usually said whilst lusting over their gay best friend that they secretly love in a gay bar)
by lloydbeeatch August 28, 2008
woman that goes out and is always accompanying gay men
sarah is a faghag, always with the gays.
by pokka November 12, 2007
A woman who enjoys the company of gay men. They can often be mistaken for a married couple... because simply spending that much time together they gain a friendship which is very close to a married relationship. Because like a married relationship they love eachother, while they can't stand eachother, and there is no sex.
Hag: "OMG! You are such a mean bitch! You have no feelings!"
Fag: "Oh really... well you are an over-emotional whiny bitch!"
Hag: "God I hate you!"
Fag: "Fine if you feel that way... I get the diamonds... you can keep the kids!"
Hag: "Ummm... we're not married... we are too broke to have diamonds... and there are no kids!"
Fag: "Oh yeah... sorry... felt like I was married for a moment."
Hag: "It's okay..."
Fag: "You want to go scoop out some hot boys?"
Hag: "Sure."
Fag: "You know I love ya fag hag! And you can't deny you love your fag!"
Hag: "No I can't! Love you too!"

Actual fight with my fag... I'm a self admitted fag hag... and well... I love it!!
by Dani Girl Fag Hag January 09, 2006
Female that enjoys the company of homosexual males.
Grace is Will's fag hag.
by qlob April 12, 2003
Female friend of a homosexual male. Typically incapable of dealing with heterosexual males, the fag hag acts like the gay guy's girlfriend without actually having sex with him. Examples of such behaviour include hugging or linking arms with the gay guy, dragging him onto dancefloors while he is trying to seduce someone, and having an emotional breakdown whenever said gay guy looks dangerously close to going home with someone else. Fag hags are extremely insecure about their "friendship" and will not tolerate competition for their gay guy's time or attention. Gay guys have faghags because they make them feel emotionally stable by comparison and can be guaranteed never to have other plans when they need someone to go out with, but will generally ditch them as soon as they can find someone to pound their poopchute and won't make them watch Desperate Housewives until they lapse into a coma.
Mark's fag hag totally rapes Mark's social life.
by Steve Cheney May 12, 2008
(n.) One who follows a homosexual guy for lack of own social life or out of extreme love. A hag is an exclusively heterosexual woman, often a young teenage girl, who is attached to her "fag" to the point of making frequent phone calls, excessive texting, nights out in gay bars, clubbing, shopping trips, spa trips, trips abroad, and sometimes even getting a joint mortgage. The hag has the ultimate power to veto dates, grade outfits, disillusion insecurities of her "fag". The relationship between a hag and her "fag" is sacred, characterised by extraordinary protectiveness.

Related: The male best friend of a homosexual guy is known as "fag stag", providing he is heterosexual. The homosexual guy whose social contacts are mainly secure heterosexual guys is known as "stag fag".
Julie is out shopping with Jamie; what a fag hag!
by Sasha Henke February 02, 2006
A female friend in which most homosexual men confide in and vice verse. Generally the closest non-sexual girlfriend with who you check out guys, go shopping, adam-tease, bitch about your competitions and cry when u have a broken heart.

Fag hag could be your sister, a cousin you are close to, friend or may be just a colleague who is gaylerant (gay-tolerant).
Tommy and his fag hag are coming over for dinner.
by lost_antelope July 23, 2009

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