a woman who sprung forth from the clutches of a gay man to learn how to suck cock, put on make-up, walk in heels, talk filthy to put off any desireable straight man (cause any desireable straight man is probably gay any way). Whose hair and make-up get bigger and brighter as the years of alcohol wear in. Suffers from moments of hysteria and self-delusion...often. Loves kids but only if they can match and fit into her luggage. Enjoys bon bons (probably too much). Listens to George Michael, and can use the word MARY as a noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, insult, compliment, and prayer all at the same time...that ladies and gentlemen is a fag hag.
Elizabeth Taylor=Fag hag
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007
The term fag-hag stretches from women who simply enjoy the company of gay men, to those who fall in love with gay men, and even those who try to “Convert” gay men into straight men. There are even situations in which Straight Women and Gay Men marry and live happy lives together.
Friendship: Maria (hetero) likes to be with Tom (gay) all the time. They are "Safe" because each party knows that the relationship is just friendship. She is a fag hag.

Love: Sarah usually falls in love with gay men. She is a fag hag.

Converters: Pat is always annoying Mike to convert and become hetero. Mike is very pissed off. She is a fag hag.
by John January 08, 2004
an overweight (fat) girl who spends most of her days with gay boys because straight boys aren't attracted to her. she has a lot of confidence and high self-esteem because her fags always compliment her and say that she's pretty (even tho through other peoples eyes, she's really not attractive). she's the center of attention at clubs and parties and all the fags want to dance with her and get her drunk. sometimes (most of the time) the fag hag falls in love with her fag because he knows her in and out and understands her the most. also when she's intoxicated she has a habit of making out with gay boys and at times hookin up with them (getting fingered, wackin off the fag, and rarely sex but it happens) then in some rare cases a fag hag gets pregnant by a fag and says its from a straight boy cause they dont wanna look stupid. also a fag hag gets jealous when her fag hangs out with other gurls without her, or those that she doesn't know. a fag hags life is complicated because she can't fit in with the straight crowd and only feels comfortable with the fags, but unfortunately the gay world is not stable so she tries her best to stay in the loop of things so that she doesnt get replaced by a newer, younger, prettier, or somewat skinnier fag hag.
fag 1:did u hear about that fag hag who got pregnant?
fag 2:yeah i heard it's from a gay boy.
fag 1:she says its from a straight boy, but no straight guy would wanna do her, she's an ugly fat fag hag.

fag: ur my favorite fag hag
fag hag: im ur only fag hag and i cant live without u cause without u im nothing but a fat desperate loser trying to fit into society.
by retired fag hag August 31, 2006
a heterosexual female who wastes way too much time time, energy, and empathy on gay men. she'll typically fall in love with him only to eventual be disappointed, she's usually self-righteous in regards to assuming that because her twink thinks like her, then that would mean he's superior to a sraight man.....Fucking confused!!!
Helen wishes all men would be more like Bruce... because then it would make having sexual relationships with men much easier... but since she's not having sex with Bruce because he's too cock-crazed, perhaps she's yet another emotionally confused girl who wants to change the world before she understands it...throw a stone in any direction and you'll hit one...
by Spanky McGee January 18, 2004
A woman who can't find a straight person to date so she hangs around with the gays
That girl over there the one with carpet legs is such a fag hag
by thelostlibertine April 02, 2005
A straight female who has an unusually strong desire to befriend gay men.

If you were alarmed by or made curious by others' definitions often including an explanation concerning the woman's general unattractiveness, please read the following:

In my personal experience, having been to a few gay parties myself, there is an overwhelming (100%, so far) tendency for the straight girls at the party who strongly befriend the gay guys to be rather unattractive, in one way or another.

None I have spoken with, and I am a very curious and outspoken person, have had an easy time with straight guys.
A woman who chooses to have unusually significant friendships with gay men.
by Ratio May 21, 2005
A temporary condition usually afflicting young, urban, immature western females. This conditions lasts from a couple of months to a couple of years. Ask any homosexual, they come, they go. A few months of the empty, gay lifestyle will serve as a growing experience and the fag hag will mature and move on to "grown up" relationships.
Bruce: Hey Brian, new fag hag? What happend to your last hag, Lisa?

Brian: Lisa was a few hags ago. Now she is married and has a good job.

Bruce: Oh, well... I never liked here anyway.

Brian: Yea, shes such a bitch.
by VGuy October 28, 2005
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