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A smell from your ass which is so strong that it could literally gag a fag.
Dude, I took a massive crap like 10 minutes ago, it smelt so bad it was on the level of a fag gag.
by Mike's Shit Defs October 28, 2008

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Another term for penis, particuarly the shoving of one into a man's mouth.
"Someone get that guy a fag gag because he won't shut up!"
by Galen H. Carter June 07, 2007
To choke on a man's dick that has been shoved down your throat.
John fag-gagged on Jim's large penis.
by Native American Guy September 19, 2010
1. The practice of beating or hurting a homosexual, physically or emotionally.
2. Lynching a homosexual.
Then Jimbo said to Earl, "Let's go on a fag-gag!"
by Patty McPat Pat October 08, 2006