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A handsome male teenager, usually with blonde hair.
Don't wear white pants. And skip the cologne, Fag Bait!
by Bag Fait September 19, 2006
A guy that is not necessarily gay, but hangs out with gays.
You dress like fag bait.
by Mike January 06, 2004
1. A gay male that is so femme that it is thought that he will attract other "fags".
2. A straight male's derogatory term for a gay male meaning that the hetro is a homophobe.
Also see Mpreg
You're such fagbait. If you don't get away from me, I'm gonna have the entire Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade coming down my street!
by IceLore July 13, 2003
a young man used to lure homosexuals and mug them
We used Billy as fag bait, he lured the homo into the bushes where we stomped him and took his money and jewelry.
by P Brown November 13, 2007

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