fagbag noun Any bag that's owned by a fag. To serve as a fag especially in an English public school wearing any type of bag. bags worn by fags to accomodate, gay dvds, condoms, dildos, ky jelly, curling iron, make up, cocaine, meth and other related articles used by fags to assist in activities withing the homofaggot community.
Scott: "Hey who's bag is that lying over there on the bench?" Mike: "I don't know, but nobody is around let's go check it out, maybe there's money or weed in it." Scott: "hey here's an ID it says RyanSeacrest"...Mike: "man this is a fag bag!"
by homonator April 11, 2008
a gay male that is made to hang with strait people as a fashion accessory
"did you see that group of upper-classes at lunch with their fag bag?"
by rufus taylor March 21, 2008
A gay man's scrotum, hairy brains, or nugget pouch.
His fag bag was all hairy and sweaty.
by whatthehell May 09, 2007
Brought to you by that same West Coast "G" who brought you faggiot. definition is a big bag of fag.
Hey stop being such a fag-bag, Whats fag bag?, a big bag of fag.
by SANDMAN05! March 07, 2007
A slang term for a fanny pack, popularized in the early 90's, as it was often worn by gay men.
What's he hiding in his fag bag?
by GuidoPosse69 January 27, 2005
A male recipient of anal sex.
He is definitely the Fagbag in that relationship.
by WhereWolf April 28, 2005
The word "fag bag" is used to define a single pound of marijuana.

As you may or may not know, a pound of marijuana is a ridicilious amount to have at one time. So, the term originates from all the faggot attention whores that try to look cool around your school when they shout out and brag about the absurd amounts of marijuana they consumed the day before.

It's typically used to make fun of those types of kids in a sarcastic high-pitched tone of voice.
Attention whore: "Oh, my God! I'm still so high from yesterday after smokin' so much weed yesterday!"

Person 1: "Dude, Naithen. You don't have to yell it, we're right next to you."

:::Attention whore walks away:::

Person 1: (in a mocking tone of voice)"O, mah gaw! I sm0k3d a hug3 fag bag yest3rdaay."

Person 2: (laughs) "Yeah, I know man. He's a faggot."
by Detlef June 11, 2006

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