a person who masters the concept of being a fucking idiot
My boyfriend Adam Bishop is a fag bag sometimes.
by Jen February 25, 2005
Fagbag is a faggot that t-bags other guys
OMG that Faggot over there is a fagbag look he's T-bagging that other guy for no reason
by SexyBeast25 June 17, 2009
~a definition of a fag-or a person you do not like.
~a joke to tease friends.
"Ha. I'm amazing."
"No, fagbag."
by sonnyy December 05, 2008
The one piece powder jump suit popular with chubby teens, the mentally challenged, fat old men and Moms. Most likely over a pair of wrangler jeans, a 1989 Dallas cowboys sweatshirt and tube socks. Credit back for the super tight Fag Bag with bonus for visible moose knuckle or camel toe. Colors range from black to Hot pants neon pink.

Over 60 years old in a Fag Bag is ok.
That silver fox has one rippin' Fag Bag.

by Ottis 44 December 08, 2006
1. Someone who is a total asshole/loser

2. Someone who may be questionable or annoying

3. Zaviera Micheletti
Dude Zavi is being a total fagbag lately. What's her deal?

OMG that guy is being the biggest fagbag over there. Like WTF?

Wow. What a fagbag.
by NOAHDAMAN February 09, 2010
A bag from a store that has a picture of a topless man on the front. This usually pertains to clothing stores such as Abercombie & Fitch.
He walked out of the store with his brand new clothes in a fag bag
by Jake Morghanasona October 28, 2006
word used to describe someone who has said something ridulously stupid
one: oh man i am like soo cool! haha totally
two: yeah shut up fagbag
by me-tizzle October 06, 2006

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