a cross between a faggot and a doche bag. Somebody who is a true tool, asshole, dickweed, queer, and jerk-off. This person is the king or queen of every person who sucks at life.

Man, jack is such a fag-bag. he thinks that he is so cool, but nobody likes him, and hehas no friends.
by Little Gords March 14, 2007
When men wear a man purse. Mostly gay men walk around with it. Or when 40 something year old men wear a sattle bag.
"Look at that guy, trying to look all cool wearing his Fag Bag, It's so last season!"
by Mrs. Glucknut April 03, 2009
When a man spreads the anus of another man and inserts his balls in the other mans ass, then jerks off on his back.
John spread Jacks anus out with his fingers, inserted his balls down his ass and then jerked off on his back. He was given a fag bag.
by panzerfaust91 June 18, 2007
1.a gay homosexual man

2.A Chinese person who is named Michael liford and is jelly of David and gosia!
Did you see that fagbag over there?
I sure did
by End aims December 06, 2012
Word or Phrase commonly used in the Rotterdam-Mohonasen Area. FagBag is used as a somewhat offensive term to define either an asshole, jackass, douche-bag, or fag.
Shut up, Bitch!
Later FagBag!
by Youtube's ShaneIsShaneTV April 16, 2010
Someone who wears a one piece snow suit to ski or board in.
Look, fagbag!


He's in a fagbag!
by Mad Boorn March 03, 2010
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