An insult to an individual who acts semi-retarded.

A homo way of saying "You're a dumbass"
-HAHAHA! I just farted on the TV screen! XD
-You're a fagbag.
by Kingfishahh(; February 06, 2011
when 2 or more males share the same pillow to go to bed
Brett and Sam shared the same pillow at the party, they were being Fag Bags
by BIG CAT kuntry January 01, 2009
a gay guys ball sack
that guy is a fag bag
by Bob Farts June 01, 2010
Word or Phrase commonly used in the Rotterdam-Mohonasen Area. FagBag is used as a somewhat offensive term to define either an asshole, jackass, douche-bag, or fag.
Shut up, Bitch!
Later FagBag!
by Youtube's ShaneIsShaneTV April 16, 2010
Someone who wears a one piece snow suit to ski or board in.
Look, fagbag!


He's in a fagbag!
by Mad Boorn March 03, 2010
a mix between a faggot and a douchebag.
"dude i hate that gay douche!" "Yeah man hes a real fagbag!"
by dtheman February 21, 2010
word used to describe a person who is not gay, but they get offended is you do call them gay.
tommi, "I'm not gay, but he is a okay lookin guy"
tiff, "you are such a fag bag, tommi"
by Beazlie June 29, 2009

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