A fag bag is a a one peice ski suite mainly worn by gorbys, bright colors like pink and mint green is very common. sunglasses is a must for this gay losers.
"hey look at that fag bag, I guess he just gave his gay ass friend a black dragon"
by Fredrik and tripple D January 31, 2005
A one peice ski suite.
Europeans love to ski in bright colored fag bags.
by mrmoopoo September 25, 2003
Slang word used to described what is also a called a "fanny pack". It's a small, purse-like container that zippers shut and is worn around one's waist. They came into popularity first with runners and other exercise enthusiasts, but when they crossed into main stream, there was a backlash because men starting using them much like a woman would use a purse - as a convenient place to carry things around in. Because men in traditional society have never been able to carry any such thing (except the cumbersome and often unneccisarily large briefcase), wearing a fanny-pack became viewed as effeminate behavior. So "real" men refused to start using them (although they are very practical) and need to keep up their masculine image. Therefore, the best they could do was to equate their use with being homosexual, although most of the men who actually wore them were just "unfashionalbe" married men.
Is that guy actually wearing a fag bag? Do they still make those?
by Word Walock January 11, 2004
A derogatory term used by men to describe a carry-all bag held by another man. It seems as though a man's sense of manliness is enhanced only by accusing other men of being sissies. Gunslingers wore purses, no one is accusing them of being siisyboys.
"Hey, you, sissyboy! Nice fag bag you got there!"
"BLAM!!!! One less small-minded jerk in the world!"
by gadjitfreek July 24, 2006
A way of calling someone a faggot and a duchebag at the the same time
Hey, look at the Fagbag trying to hook up with my Girlfriend!
by Smithjames May 25, 2015
A good phrase for making fun of someone
Dude you're such a fag bag.
by id_not_here_ December 04, 2014

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