A new species originating in Asia of straight "men" who attempt to look as gay as possible, complete with frosted tips, eyeliner, and scarves tied around their necks even in tropical weather. Combining the fashion sense of hipsters with the self absorbtion of doucebags, the fagbag is often seen in the company of hot Asian women who are dying inside for a real man who spends less time in front of a mirror than they do.
Look at that hot chick over there looking bored to tears with her fagbag boyfriend.
by BorisSDT August 07, 2011
The act of being gay homosexual.
That guy over there is such a fagbag
by Lisa February 11, 2005
Word or Phrase commonly used in the Rotterdam-Mohonasen Area. FagBag is used as a somewhat offensive term to define either an asshole, jackass, douche-bag, or fag.
Shut up, Bitch!
Later FagBag!
by Youtube's ShaneIsShaneTV April 16, 2010
Someone who wears a one piece snow suit to ski or board in.
Look, fagbag!


He's in a fagbag!
by Mad Boorn March 03, 2010
a mix between a faggot and a douchebag.
"dude i hate that gay douche!" "Yeah man hes a real fagbag!"
by dtheman February 21, 2010
word used to describe a person who is not gay, but they get offended is you do call them gay.
tommi, "I'm not gay, but he is a okay lookin guy"
tiff, "you are such a fag bag, tommi"
by Beazlie June 29, 2009
When men wear a man purse. Mostly gay men walk around with it. Or when 40 something year old men wear a sattle bag.
"Look at that guy, trying to look all cool wearing his Fag Bag, It's so last season!"
by Mrs. Glucknut April 03, 2009
those ugly rolling backpacks.
omg my sis just bought a fag bag
by Kairn January 07, 2009

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