A new species originating in Asia of straight "men" who attempt to look as gay as possible, complete with frosted tips, eyeliner, and scarves tied around their necks even in tropical weather. Combining the fashion sense of hipsters with the self absorbtion of doucebags, the fagbag is often seen in the company of hot Asian women who are dying inside for a real man who spends less time in front of a mirror than they do.
Look at that hot chick over there looking bored to tears with her fagbag boyfriend.
by BorisSDT August 07, 2011
A man purse. Generally used to carry around books, granola, workout gear, or anything that needs to be carried. Sometimes they are decorated with pins or patches. A Fag Bag can be a small backpack, a slingbag, or a tote.
"Ew! look at that hideous Fag Bag that Chris is sporting!"

"Fag Bags are SO hot right now."
by Hippie_Chick March 09, 2009
A golf bag used only by fags. Although any company can manufacture a fag bag, fag bags are usually considered to be specifically Callaway bags. Users of fag bags usually say they are comfortable with their bag and their sexuality, but in reality they are mostly butt hurt and they regret ever buying a fag bag.
Oh man did you see Mill Pickelson this weekend? He totally has a fag bag, just like Tim.
by Fag Bagger April 16, 2010
Fast Action Gun bag

Many of the so called fanny packs actually conceal a handgun. The front rips off and exposes the firearm.
As the perp advanced with the knife I ripped open my FAG BAG pulled my piece and wasted the MoFo.
by Cannibul May 08, 2005
It a name used for people who 1: You don't care what their name is so you don't remember their name 2: You can't find a fuck to give so you just call them fag bag
Hey fag bag your such a faggot
by racist Einstein April 22, 2016
Military acronym for Field Artillery, Garrison. Used when ordering a map case. The case is for maps pencils and other supplies needed for mapping. The case has a shoulder strap and a flap cover that resembles a females purse.
The Sargent got in trouble for carrying a fag bag without a map inside the bag.
by Sgt Perv July 14, 2009
1. A condom intended for use with another male.

2. A person who acts like a "Fag".

3. A used condom thrown on the ground in a public area and has "lol" written all over it.
Wow, look at that fag bag!

Bob wants Joe to use a fag bag
by TheBowser701 January 22, 2010
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