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the act of posting something gay or embarrassing in your friends social networking status page when they stay signed in on a computer and leave it unattained.
Jim went to the store and stayed signed in on Facebook, he told me not to fag his page, but I did anyway.
by lloyd45 June 27, 2010
3 86
1) Originally referred only to a homosexual male; now it is a generic term of contempt, roughly equivalent to, "I'm a better man than you are and, on a side note, you look somewhat effeminate!"
2) Also a general term of endearment between bros

Interchangeable with faggot
1) (impatiently in a crowd) "Get out of my way, fag!"
2) (as friend shows up at bar for brewskis: "Yo, fag! Over here!"
by Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada June 29, 2010
621 287
an annoying person who likes to take it up the butt, has a Digglet and is adopted
That Randy LeClair is a fag
by necroplayer386 June 22, 2010
554 250
(verb) - to act in a homosexual (faggish) manner.

past tense: fagged
present tense: fagging
"dont fag on us!"
"nick just fagged on the light pole."
"nick is fagging on the computer."
by joe_momma20108765343 March 22, 2010
545 271
A guy who spends his days loitering in public commodes to watch other men take leaks.

A guy who spends his evenings loitering in public commodes to solicit poofter sex from other men.

A guy who likes corn holing the dog and other men.
Alistair is a fag. He lobbies his state legislature to legalize marriage between two corn holing poofters. "All we want," whines Alistair, "is to (1) get married, (2) adopt children, (3) bequeath our possessions to each other, and (4) visit each other in the hospital. We are good family people just like you." And Alistair spends his days in public crappers watching other men take leaks, and his evenings in public crappers soliciting poofter sex from other men.
by Capn' Bullmoose September 19, 2007
616 342
Short for Faggot. A word used to describe a male (Usually homosexual) that is overly flamboyant or feminine. These men often think extremely high of their looks even though a large majority of the population is repulsed.

Some characteristics of a fag are:
Instant tans
Highlighted hair
Full body shaving or waxing
Pencil thin eyebrows
Bellybutton rings
Very skinny
An eating disorder
A lisp
Clothes that are too tight or small
Majority of wardrobe consists of Abercrombie, AE, or Hollister
Obsessions with Lady Gaga, Brittany Spears, Beyonce...etc
Obsessions with Dancing
Obsessions with Fashion
Obsessions with Opera or Musical theater
Obsessions with shopping
Acts like a diva/woman/princess
Always has an attitude
Thinks its funny and/or attractive to be a bitch
Dances like a female stripper at all clubs and bars
1: That fag looks like he used a sharpie to draw on his eyebrows.
by PartyMonsterT March 30, 2010
466 207
Justin Beiber
Girl: "OMG it's justin Beiber!"
Random Guy: "Hey look it's the fag! Lets kick him in the mangina!"
by haterluv January 25, 2011
402 159
the third coolest word ever to use, just behind fuck and son of a bitch. you can use the word fag in any sentence and everyone can be called a fag no matter what gender or race they are. very universal word that should be used atleast 20 times a day.
your a fuckin fag.

your moms a fag.
your dads a fag cause hes fuckin your faggot ass mom.
by yup1983 February 14, 2011
447 223