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a fagtard is a ultra combo of being faggish and also a tard. in the outcome of this word you are a fagtard. when you are a fagtard you come from the ass.
katie hammoline is a fagtard
by krisjan morrow July 01, 2004
194 65
possibly the best insult ever invented. A mix of a retard and a faggot.
James stole my cookie! hes such a fagtard!
by xKxLuHH May 02, 2007
105 15
n. (root: faggot, retard) One who is both homosexual and mentally handicapped. One who is lame, idiotic, stupid.

adj. (fagtarded) Used to describe that which resembles, personifies, or possesses the qualities of a fagtard.
n. "Melissa is a fucking fagtard!"
adj. "United States foreign policy is totally fagtarded!"
by February 04, 2004
96 66
A mix between faggot and retard, usually offensive
You are a fagtard; your actions would make one assume you were a fagtard
by Christopher Ord December 04, 2006
33 19
One who possesses the qualities of a homosexual and those of a
retarded individual.
Get your dick out of my ass you stupid fagtard!
by Nellson Branserdink February 23, 2008
33 22
This is a mix of being a fucking fag and a retard

you will come to a conclusion that this makes fagtard

Its extremely useful when getting ripped on this word never backfires and the opposer will most likely shit his pants laughing

Basically its the new douchbag

Oh my god that kid is the biggest fucking fagtard known to man
by Steven Findlay April 14, 2008
22 12
noun- a person of low mental capacity who is also homosexual.
hey, you see those two dudes over there with the helmets on. I bet they're fagtards.
by Zach Dierks November 30, 2006
17 12