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A handkerchief or bandana being worn as a part of the Hanky Code
I got dressed up for the bar, carefully tucking a red fag rag into my back pocket.
by Simos October 22, 2006
28 26
A pornographic magazine featuring content oriented towards homosexual males.
Get me some porn; get me something really nasty too; I don't want any of that airbrush shit. Get yourself a little treat too; get yourself a fag rag.

-Little Miss Sunshine
by AlanArkin April 09, 2007
76 15
a newspaper focusing on gay issues
the village voice is the only mainstream fag rag- i can't even count the pics of chicks with dicks in there
by mung April 25, 2003
71 43
A gay-oriented newspaper.
The Windy City Times of Chicago is a cool fagrag.
by PatBB April 06, 2006
17 13
That time of the month when you notice that your gay friend is really bitchy, for no reason. The homosexual equivalent to the period, or "rag"
" Oh shit! Looks like Kiki's on his fag rag this week, better go get him a manpon.
by Jh00d October 25, 2009
8 5
the male homosexual version of a tampon, used to soak up excess blood from assholes usually most commonly used by people new to ass sex or those who like it ruff and dry.
Anthony:I haven't changed my fag rag for days it crusted into my asshole, anyone want to try and break it free?
by kristarkrustar June 02, 2009
6 6
A rag used to clean sperm after any kind of sexual contact of the penis. Usually used to identify people from assholes, rude, annoying, or stupid.
Guy1: "Dude! Did you see that fag rag!"
Guy2: "Yeah! He's so annoying!!"
by Robert Chow:) November 25, 2011
1 2