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1. lips which are used in a faggish fashion such as kissing an ass or asshole or if it's a guy's lips it would be used to suck a fat cock.

2. a name given as an insult to someone who is talking like a fag.
1. "that chick giving the rim job has sure got some serious fag lips"

2. "good one, fag lips!!!"
by Matt Huff September 07, 2009
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a male who's lips gravitate towards cock or a female who's lips gravitate towards poon
Hal- Tim keeps hacking into my facebook and writing phallic messages like "dick," "cock," and "balls"
Andrea- Man, what a Fag Lips!
by DR13M3R August 13, 2010
The voluntary lisp taken on by homosexual or metrosexual men.
Stella: Steve, do you like my new dress?
Steve: Oh yeth, it'th fabulouth!!
Stella: When did you develop such a severe case of faglip?
by THX01138 November 11, 2009
Any human being that you would like to insult
if your at a party and a guy keeps giving you the eye, he might be a Faglips
by scootywheels October 30, 2011

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