1. a male homosexual in a woman's body.
2. An apparently straight woman of low sex drive who subconciously desires to be a gay man. Rarely does the deep seated fantasy to be a gay man reach the concious level but is generally manifested as non-sexual intimacy with a homosexual male partner. Rarely, if ever, do fag hags pursue gender re-assignement surgery as to do so would fulfill the fantasy; and an integral part of the fag hag identity is the frustration inherent in her fantasy. And to do so would create the assumed requirement of sexual intimacy with a gay man.
Generally, but not always, used disparagingly
The fag hag anticipated going on the vacation and having Jeff all to herself away from the distraction of all his gay beddies.
by d maxwell June 01, 2006
A woman who thinks guys snogging guys is hot and so hangs out with them.
Yeah, my friend and his boyfriend are always being followed around by a herd of faghags.
by df February 13, 2003
A woman who has more gay male friends than others, leaving a shortage of fags.
Jennifer: Wanna go to the mall?
Dina: No sorry I'm already going with Richard tonight and tommmorow with Cliff.
Jennifer: You are such a fag hag you fucking bitch! Give me one of them!
Dina: No way!
by Insane Nu Yawka July 18, 2005
a girl who's only attracted to androgynous boys or dudebitches
her boyfreind looks just like her, she's such a faghag
by kmfcm September 27, 2005
A girl who drools over gay men and their sex lives.
"*makeout with a guy* Shut the fuck up bitch, you ain't got no chance with me."
by Mooshmallow May 11, 2005
A fat or otherwise ugly female who associates with loser gay men. She is shunned by all gay men with any dignity or self-respect.
I'm such a fag hag, I love gay men!
by Hater101 October 22, 2006
A 'fag-hag' is a close, often homosexual friend who happens to be the opposite sex. One who has little to no chance of becoming sexually interested in you, largely due to orientation. This often allows for a platonic bond far closer and deeper than conventional friendships.
Useful if a person wishes to fool their parents about their orientation. The fag-hag will be introduced as their friends' boyfriend or girlfriend.
I heard person A telling person B that person C went and got themselves a fag-hag.
by Walking Talking Dictionary December 12, 2006
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