a group of FABULOUS women who find friendship and comfort in homosexual men.
i am a faghag and i am proud to be one. :)
by a.j. April 18, 2003
Slang for a heterosexual female who is constantly around gay men and most of her closest friends are gay males.
Doesn't Joanne know that the odds of finding a boyfriend are pretty much nil if all she does is hang around Tommy and his entourage all the time. She truly is the biggest fag hag that I have ever known. ally bff
by TheBigCanucklehead March 12, 2015
A girl who unknowingly or compulsively collects gays. Also has a strong gay-dar to seek out more to collect. A name usually said about her behind her back.
Mom: So i see you have another one?
Tam: Another what?
Mom: -Snicker- well it okay if you like to collect them. you know some kids collect baseball cards. make up, or even pez despinsers. but i'm all for it if you want to collect gays and be a Fag Hag. -burst out laughing-
by Raynie Dai January 23, 2010
A woman who happens to have a large collection of gay males for friends.
Tina is such a fag hag.
by ohmywrd May 17, 2009
A straight friend to help a gay guy/girl pull
"John pulled because he had his fag hag"
"you have to be my fag hag, you can talk to her ugly mate"
by Mike_Hunts June 26, 2014
A woman whose gay best friend is the best part of her. Without her gay best friend, said woman really has nothing else going for her.
Doug: Hey who's that loser friend of yours who keeps hanging around.

Liam: Ugh, that's just our fag hag. She's got nothing else going on.
by So Mi Mi October 15, 2009
a heterosexual woman who spends much of her time with homosexual men. Usually a lonely single women usually ugly, fat, or otherwise undesirable (a hag) who are attracted to gay men as a rather sad substitute for what they are not getting from heterosexual men.
Vince is out for lunch with his fag hag
by Gabby001 July 29, 2015
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