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Someone who is tolerant and doesn't kill and wish harm on every gay person they see. Word started by a church of 70, featured on the Tyra Banks show that hate gay people and blame everything from Katrina to 911 on gay people. See God Hates Fags.
*Harry walks by a gay bar.*
*Harry gets shot by a brown-toothed women yelling 'fag enabler'*
by katherine454545454545454545454545 October 25, 2006
A good person, who is accepting of most people, mainly homosexuals. Initially intended as an insult, but vastly unaffective seeing as most fag enablers are proud to be fag enablers.
-Did you hear about that fag enabler Heith Ledger?
-Yeah, it's a shame we lost such an open-minded person.
by Nathan Proctor March 03, 2008
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