A fag has lots of ways that makes him into a fag, like a bag holding many different things.
Dude, that guy has an I heart Justin Bieber shirt, dresses his dog like a bunny, and puts pictures of shirtless men on Facebook. He is a total fag bag.
by KoolDude8690 April 19, 2012
1. Someone who is extremely flamboyant and homosexual; "extremely gay."

2. A combination of the words "faggot" and "douchebag" hence the creation of "fagbag".
1. Look at that fagbag's outfit over there!

2. That guy was so annoying, he was a total fagbag, I'm sure he likes guys.
by CahRayZee March 05, 2010
A person who is homosexual or shows homosexual qualities.
John your a fag bag for picking flowers!
by irishkittynips September 12, 2009
An insult to an individual who acts semi-retarded.

A homo way of saying "You're a dumbass"
-HAHAHA! I just farted on the TV screen! XD
-You're a fagbag.
by Kingfishahh(; February 06, 2011
The process of inserting one male's ballsack into another male's anus.
I heard those two fag bagged last night.
by Epicness101 October 21, 2010
when 2 or more males share the same pillow to go to bed
Brett and Sam shared the same pillow at the party, they were being Fag Bags
by BIG CAT kuntry January 01, 2009
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