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The bike-messenger style bag the goes over one shoulder and holds either a laptop or the collected works of Belle & Sebastian. Has been the preferred luggage of the common urban douchebag, and can be often seen paired with rectangular thick-rimmed nerd glasses. Wearing a fag bag is tantamount to wearing pink triangle i.e. a confession that one is a certified pussy.
Hey, find me a rock! Here comes an asswipe on a fixie with a fag bag!
by eddy slick November 18, 2006
Another name for calling someone a faggot.
"Aye fagbag! What you think you're doing?"
by nancee March 16, 2003
(n) A bag usually suspended from one prep or homosexual shoulder to the opposite side. Designed to carry books, and most commonly seen on gay people with sandals.
Johnny pulled his spanish book out from his fagbag.
by Simon May 18, 2004
Also known as a 'fanny pack'.

A fag bag is a zippered pouch that is worn strapped around a person's waist and is used for carrying small personal items. It came to be called a fag bag because the uglier, fatter and nerdier members of the gay community, hoping to be picked up for sex, would strap them on and wear them to gay pride parades and other big events as an 'overnight bag', a method of carrying around a toothbrush, hair products, condoms and poppers for eventual use. The problem was that no self-respecting fag would ever have sex with someone who'd wear an ugly, shapeless sack over his ass, so the item eventually fell out of favour. It is now worn only by aging rocker chicks to Rolling Stones concerts as a hands-free method of carrying weed, rolling papers and sanitary napkins.

Not to be confused with the 'man purse', or 'murse' a usually plain-leather, larger version of a woman's purse intended to be carried by a strap over the shoulder of a man.
In my fag bag I've got duct tape, latex gloves, date rape pills, handcuffs and a stick of gum. What's in yours?
by loveboat March 22, 2007
What you call someone who is extremely gay.
Hey, lookit that fagbag over there!
by Swami0586 August 01, 2005
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