One small segment of faeces
oh bro look at that curry faece
by maryhinge December 03, 2007
Top Definition
A lump of steaming shit.
My kid just laid faeces on your mum's clothes. Steaming...
by BISTO!!!!!!!! February 07, 2003
The brown stuff that comes out of your bottom. Commonly known as poo, shit, or crap.
"Eww. Look at that animal's faeces!"
by May 07, 2006
A number of pieces of excremental matter.
"What ho, my good chap! It appears that during one's perambulatory peripateticism one has encountered a number of pieces of excremental matter that have adhered to the base-plate of one's footwear. S**T!
by Fred Smith October 23, 2003
1: It's like feces, but British.
2: Quite simply put, a turd or log. Or for you more uncouth chaps - shit.
Brit 1: "I say lad, what's that steaming pile of brown stuff?"
Brit 2: "Why that's faeces kind sir. Pass my crumpet and tea."
Brit 3: "Good show!"

by KyanWan October 20, 2007
The posh word for shit.
Science teacher: "...and at the end of the digestive system, waste products are excreted in the form of faeces."

Class clown translates: "SHITTY POO COME OUT OF BUM."
by HelloMyNameIsNoneOfYourBusines February 12, 2010
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