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The action of intentionally misspelling your name on Facebook, so as to make it more difficult for your past to track you down.
- Simon Simth? I thought your name was Smith?
- Yeah, I'm Faecebooking: I just don't want everyone to find me that easily
by Charles Bronte March 12, 2008
Reference to a facebook profile page that is filled with crap, such as tons of useless applications and/or a a reference to the facebook site in a negative way.

Originates from the word faeces.
- OMG, have you seen John's faecebook? It's totally meaningless.
- You can read all about his vampire adventures on his faecebook.
- Gerbils are being mistreated in todays society you say? Well then, we'll have to start a special interest group on faecebook then...
by Bjoern September 06, 2007