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A Fanny
Dick door
fuck hole number 1
the gateway to hell (in some cases)
Peter-"Aparently according to lisle, sadie has mouldy cheese sandwich fadge flaps."
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
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1) Omg, my fadge is way hot!
2) Oh no, I just dropped my fadge!
3) Could you please pick up my fadge?
4) Ah! I threw my fadge out the window!
5) I like butter on my fadge.
6) Wanna lick my fadge?
7) Waiter, theres a fly on my fadge, please can I have a new one?
8) I like to eat fadge.
9) My boyfriend loves my fadge!
10) I have a tasty fadge.
by Dakota the fadge maker June 25, 2004
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Female gentitalia
Often used for degoratory terms and as an insult.
You fadge!
My fadge smells!
by Sabrina Edwards January 31, 2003
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Potato bread eaten in Ireland, Scotland and parts of Northern England.
by ulster fry April 23, 2003
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as she straddled my face,she wiped her fadge over my tongue
by tricky dicky August 20, 2003
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A female cheesy, fishy, whiffy, dripping penis pocket
by Liam September 10, 2003
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fadge, originating from the latin word *fadgitus* roughly translated into "the act of cheesy whiffey pussy pocket banging" the term is now used to describe female genitals.
" yo got one stank ass fadge, hoe!"
by apeshit November 25, 2004
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