As a human subject- Unable to be faded as friends, unwavering (masc.) Bros that bitches can't come between.

As a non-human thing or event.- A memory that will last forever is Fadeproof.

A great gift- A gift received that has heavy importance on sentimental value.
Human- Matty McSwagg and JSL are #fadeproof, they gonna be boys forever.

Thing- The night we reenacted the tunnel scene from Perks is #fadeproof man!

Gift- Man, Matty gave Johnny his favorite record that HIS dad gave to HIM. That gift is fadeproof.
by Johnny Saint-Lethal March 23, 2013
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Used to describe that one cat in your clique that can straight drink alcohol morning, noon, and night and never wake up with a hangover the next day.
Yo, Jay was drinking Jagerbombs all night and got up to go to work at 6. That nigga's fadeproof son!
by Fadeproof J July 22, 2005

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