A song by Tyga Feat. Lil Wayne
"I'm faded faded faded My Nigga I'm faded faded and i dont give a FUCK"
by xxSexyBeastxx May 23, 2012
Stoned, baked, high. DOES NOT MEAN DRUNK. If you say "ah I'm so fuckin faded!" and you're drunk, not high, you'll look like a dumbass and everyone will know that you're a poser.
I just smoked a fat bowl and I'm fuckin faded!
It's 420 bro, let's get some mary jane and get faded!
by kayeighty November 25, 2007
Either inebriated or under the intoxication of a drug, to the point in which you are beyond comprehension

fdgfjgofi !? me=faded
by brittnayyy October 27, 2005
stoned, drunk, all around messed up
edwin sure was faded after that phat blunt.
by adam schilling November 10, 2002
smoked out,blazed,stoned,high on marijauna
I got faded this weekend with some homies
by jonny bakes December 29, 2006
so high to the point that you're gone. does NOT refer to being drunk.
Am I the only one who was faded last night? I couldn't stop laughing at nothing.
by ThisBitch November 02, 2005
blazed, stoned, high
Damn nigga, I'm so faded.
by tyron December 09, 2003
All drunk and stoned.
Fuck, Kesr was all faded last night.
by Avex 1 May 10, 2004

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