A song by Tyga Feat. Lil Wayne
"I'm faded faded faded My Nigga I'm faded faded and i dont give a FUCK"
by xxSexyBeastxx May 23, 2012
The word faded is used to describe someone who is not sober. It does not matter what substance or method was used to alter the person's state of consciousness; if they are under the influence of anything, they are faded.
-I took a roll, I'm so faded now!
by stickkyy January 18, 2009
A term used to describe the effect of marijuana. Faded is when you are not quite high but not quite sober, just a tad bit chemically altered.
"d00d its 4-20 lets get baked!"
"no man, i have to go home tonight, i'll just get a little faded"
by krevin April 22, 2007
to be shot and killed, as per snoop dogg's doggystyle album
Snoop:"...and a nigga can't fade me"

"Y'all know i can't be faded"
by jimbotron3 November 11, 2006
it's the west coast (pretty much SO CAL) way of saying that ur faaakiN hiiigh! You know ur faded if you can't feel anything! some ppl think this is when ur shitface drunk....you can't get faded off beer (fuckkin idiots) when ur faded ur probably had the real shit-- the REAL ganja, stickyicky, reefer everything maaaan
stoner 1: man i can't feel shit!
stoner 2: whoa man ur high
stoner 1: naaah man i'm fuckin FADED!
stoner 2: huh? hey man ur high
by sweet sarah October 04, 2007
faded is when you take a downer pill... you take some pills and you get faded. end of story
faded is when everything is really comfortable, you get really lazy, and tired, and your floatin after you take a downer pill
by VThugZ March 17, 2006
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