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A song by Tyga Feat. Lil Wayne
"I'm faded faded faded My Nigga I'm faded faded and i dont give a FUCK"
by xxSexyBeastxx May 23, 2012
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Sky Highh ! ;D
Dickk, fuckin Adam was all faded last night, muhh fuckka aint even know our names no more! Haha
by Adam Daniels Garribay April 09, 2011
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The slang term "faded" doesn't necessarily refer to a mental state induced by psychoactive drugs, such as the common one used among college students, cannabis. It can also refer to a mental state that one is in naturally, brought about by the company one keeps.
For example, one can use the term faded interchangeably with the idiom 'on cloud nine,' as in the sentence, "Oh man, being with these people after such a long time makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine" or "Bro, I was so faded just by chillin with those cool cats after so long"
by adegan January 02, 2010
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Being stoned, or high,also means you're really drunk.
joe - "wow man,i had a lot of beer. Im really faded"
by yourmama123456789 September 03, 2009
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when one is somewhat gone. can be a result of drinking, pot, or even hookah (this is more of a SoCal term)
dude, last night we hit up the hookah pretty good. i smoked most of the bowl and i was pretty faded
by stanleyinla October 28, 2007
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Being Faded is a state of mind.Doesn't necessarily mean just getting drunk or stoned.Your faded when u reach the point you cant comprehend reality no matter what you on.
E.g My and my hommie got soo faded last night I couldnt hear the next morning.

E.g I got so faded that I passed out in the hallway
by Ynmusic October 14, 2011
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getting drunk with friends, getting really wasted, getting so wasted you don't remember a thing
neeko how faded did u get last night
by sacz69 January 26, 2008
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This is the term used when you are to high to care. Usally this occurs after smoking a blunt or taking one to many bong hits. Also refered to as "Fainted"
Elijah: "Anthony are you all right man?"
Anthony "I have no idea whats going on"
Elijah: "Dude you faded"
Anthony: "Na man I'm fainting"
Elijah: Huh?
by Melvin Pickles-Worth May 02, 2007
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