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A song by Tyga Feat. Lil Wayne
"I'm faded faded faded My Nigga I'm faded faded and i dont give a FUCK"
by xxSexyBeastxx May 23, 2012
Fresh All Day Every Day
Guy 1: Man I be F.A.D.E.D.
Guy 2: True dat Nigga you fresh
by So F.A.D.E.D. February 05, 2012
when you're good man.
"I'm faded man."
by krayoncrayon October 03, 2013
A word used on the west coast to describe being extremely drunk or intoxicated.
Dud i was so faded last night I vomited.
by Edwardo Jones November 18, 2008
Faded is short for cross faded witch me drunk and high!!
" Fuck! im so faded right now!"
by ThisChickBad March 31, 2010
In the midwest it's a another word for getting revenge.
I heard you was bumpin' them gums. I got you faded.
by Shinobi2099 November 10, 2010
noah davis
Damn dat nigga Noah is so faded he cant even stand up , ya i feel yeah dawg dat nigga stright fucked
by Stright killa no filla December 06, 2011
= Fresh All Day Every Day
used to describe yourself, someone else, or something.

Talking about someone who cuts hair- "He'll leave you F.A.D.E.D"
by BabyV27 February 26, 2012