An alien in Natural Selection with the ability to slash with it's claws, use some form of energy to quickly lurch in a direction, even in midair! It can speed up it's metabolism, healing injuries, and can also fire out sacs containing gastric acid within.
Fucking Fade keeps owning us!
by Macman March 25, 2005
a makeshift bong, used as a temporary device for blazing; most often comprised of a plastic bottle (arizona green tea bottles work best) with two holes in it (one serving as the carb and the other to put a stem through). Of course, you will also need a bowl piece to put on the end of the stem (unscrewing the metal cap from a lazer pointer will suffice).
Yo my bong broke so we're just gonna have to make a fade.
by yajM August 14, 2008
to back up or support, especially financially
He was there to fade a few of those crap shooters.
by Jim King December 18, 2004
The most awesomist clan on modern warfare 2
Man that Fade guys kicked our ass
by For a different existence February 05, 2010
A person who takes drugs like crack, herion, X pills, and ect. This is new term for crack head.
The fade went the drug spot to get a double up.
by Mena2 December 04, 2007
its a tagger from L.A. who gets up everywhere and spits on toy writers
hey look how'd fade get up on the billboard
by adizzle89 June 28, 2006
meaning to fight with someone or someone is going to fight.
yo, dem boys gon fade
by Lex March 09, 2005

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