Top Definition
something real cool or smooth
Some Guy: That is so fadawada
Other Guy: Yeah
Fadawada thing: I am so fadawada
by a la dude March 29, 2005
really really cool saying
some guy: FADAWADA!
other guy: that is so cool!
by a la dude March 15, 2005
1. A cool thing to say/shout
2. someone stupid
2. oh you fadawada
by a la dude March 15, 2005
A subsitution of cool

This word was inserted into the English Language by dr david zhang of china. however some people believe it is really a codeword for his mission that is rumored to be china taking over the world.
Random Dude: U r so fadawada random dude 2
Random Dude 2: I know
by Tehpwner March 28, 2005
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