BASKETBALL:::: To shoot or dunk directly in an opponent's face.
by relaxo May 28, 2005
(n) a sensual message posted on the wall of another's facebook profile

(v) the act of posting a sensual message on the wall of another's facebook profile
I sent my boyfriend a facial so hot that he ejaculated all over his keyboard.

I don't feel emotionally ready for phone sex with her, I think we'll just facial for a while.
by Daffodil4 October 24, 2007
A bullshit stunt done by porno whores to avoid swallowing, or tasting it.
"Oy vey. Even though you is getting paid 1000 a scene, you don't have to taste it. Give her a facial. I'm not a tasteless stupid asshole. Oy vey."

"I've heard of a golden shower, but why the hell would I give a facial if my dick is already in your mouth?"
by Dick Hertz May 30, 2003
When snowboarding and you stop on your heel edge into a big mound of powder and are hit in the face with a bunch of snow.
Chris skidded right into the powder and got huge facial.
by ParkCityLove March 14, 2006
a hand gesture used up to a person's face when your angry and dont want to talk to them. It is similar to "talk to the hand"
Juring the gesture you yell "FACIAL" to the one u are angry at and usually add a simple "bizzo" for more of an effect
Cindy: "No your a slut!"
Ciderella: "Shut up you bizzo"
Cindy: "I'm not a bizzo!!"
Cinderella: "FACIAL!!! FACIAL!" *hand gesture*
Cindy: *runs off crying*
by Cinderella88 May 29, 2006
Winking or other gestures with the face in cheerleading to impress someone.
1.) She is doing a facial.

2.) Don't give me facials, or you're out.
by Xenoman February 13, 2004
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