The awards given out at the end of the year by one Facebook user to his friends.
The Facial for best post goes to...
by alistarovereem December 23, 2010
Facebook official
Bro hes def hitting that its facial
by ErrbodyfavBoiYaBoiDatboi November 13, 2010
my nut on your facial area.
i give hallie hella facials.
by Nut Buster November 03, 2007
Facebook Official, like, if a couple makes their relationship facebook official it would be facial
Did you see Tanner and Tori are facial now?
by HOPA September 30, 2009
When you or a friend throw a deck of cards into a ceiling fan and all the cards get spewed onto your face.
dude did you see that wicked facial brian just gave me? i'll never find all 52 cards!
by schwartstack July 22, 2009
when one person smokes a full blunt of weed to himself in one sitting. Another term for to the face. A facial normally only applies to marijuana smoked in blunt form.
Yo Bob smoked a facial last night.
by valoem October 19, 2005
Applying beauty supplies to one's face mainly done at a salon.
I'm going to get a facial done at The Red Door Salon later this afternoon.
by Allison December 22, 2003

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