When a man cums on a woman's face, thereby making her his BITCH. Often seen in porn, the attempt on one's girlfriend will usually leave the man single, unless she is a kinky freak, then by all means go ahead and give her a facial. She could use the skin treatment anyhow.
He gave me a facial without warning yesterday and now my eyes are still burning!
by PartyProblem June 02, 2011
When someone is making a facial expression that they are unaware of that makes them look odd or borderline retarded. This is mostly seen when someone is in deep concentration or stoned and driving a car down the Interstate, staring deeply into a computer screen, or wrecked out of their mind on the couch without a clue of where they are and what they are watching!
Guy 1 - "Dude, did you see the look on that guy driving the Dodge Dart we just passed?"
Guy 2 - "Hell ya bro...dude had a serious facial going on!"
by Turdpiper September 04, 2013
In basketball, when you slam dunk the ball so hard that the defensive player standing beneath the goal gets a ball hard in the face. Often this happens to the unfortunate 12th man (White guy) that is playing during mop-up time in a blowout game.
Tyrone: Did you see the facial that Kobe gave that White rookie for Denver last night? What was that little 3-point shootin' punk doing in the low post anyway?

Malik: What's his name?

Tyrone: Does it matter?
by TeeHamBone3 January 14, 2010
A play on the term "in your face motherfucker!"

A facial refers to something throw back at someone in an embarassing manner.

A variation is "you just got faced!" or simply "face".

Commonly used in the Torrington CT area in the late 80's and accompanied by putting an open hand over your own or the others person's face.
"Hey dude, you thought your car was the fastest but I just smoked your ass!!!! Facial!!!!
by Torringtonian June 30, 2009
facial = facebook + official
Adam and Eve are an item!" "It's facial!
by E*star October 09, 2010
Facebook official
Bro hes def hitting that its facial
by ErrbodyfavBoiYaBoiDatboi November 13, 2010
The awards given out at the end of the year by one Facebook user to his friends.
The Facial for best post goes to...
by alistarovereem December 23, 2010

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