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Similar to burn, harshed upon moded, diss but way more brutal. Like "haa haa" said by Nelson from The Simpsons but way more malicious. Said in conjunction with the "facemask" signal used by NFL referees when calling a facemask foul. Debate still ongoing whether doing the facemask signal is technically "facing" yourself and one should actually direct the facemask gesture toward the one you are "facing." Synonomous with face.
Darren thanked Chris for his lame Redwings loosening up the Oilers so his team could kick their ass in the play-offs and added "facialllllllll" with a thrusting facemask meneuver.
Zach was trying trick Luis into falling into a tiger trap when he tripped and fell into the trap himself. Luis happened upon the bloddy scene and uttered "oh, facial disgracial."
by deuce carver May 09, 2006
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