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The equivalent of a a facepalm (used out of disgust/defeat at having to entertain the musings of a moron), specifically used when dealing with a religious fundamentalist gomer, who reflexively recites hypocritical psychotic monkey garbage in the absence of any rational thought.
"Did you hear what my hero, the demi-god Pat Robertson said about homosexuality and belly buttons?"

"Holy shit... wasn't it something about innies & outies?"

"Yeah, God says that 'the way it dips is the way you flip,' Matthew 2013..."

"You're an idiot (facepsalm)."
by craftywolf April 01, 2013
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Considering the Psalms are one of the more nicer parts of the Old Testament (speaking of love, forgiveness and tolerance long before the New Testament) it's almost impossible to use them to justify acts of hatred. Facepsalms occur when an atheist attempts to take a Bible away from a Christian to burn it but ends up having it shoved into their face. Having the Bible thrown into their face is the most humiliating or offensive thing that one could do to an atheist considering their irrational hatred for Christianity.
Atheist: "duh, um, why do you read dat bokk it's,m stoppid!" *tries to take the Bible away from the Christian quietly reading it*
Christian who is reading the book of Psalms: "What drugs are on you? Should I call an ambulance for you sir? You don't seem well..."
Atheist: "Raagahj!!!" *pulls the book away from the Christian and is facepsalm by it*
by Skialian December 26, 2013
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