When someone uses facebook to creep on people.
Guy 1: Yo you facecreepin or what?

Guy 2: Yeah yo check out this chick im talkin to.
by WACKY JACKY January 06, 2008
Top Definition
-Someone who creeps on facebook.
-The act of creeping someone on facebook.
I was up all night facecreeping.
by ACERR June 15, 2007
Wasting time you don't have on Facebook stalking people, or reading their walls.
Girl: I'm so upset that Justin has a girflriend, now I have no chance.
Guy: How on earth did you figure that out?
Girl: I was reading his wall conversations with one of his friends, you know, back and forth between their two walls so I could get the full converstaion and his friend congratulated him on having a hot girlfriend.
Guy: You were face creeping at home all alone last night?!?! Maybe you should go out...
by mmmmdawg June 26, 2006
When someone studies peoples posts on Facebook (Comments, pictures, status updates) to the point to where they know everything about a persons life, without ever talking to that person. A classic Face-creeper is known to know way more about a victim than the victims best friends know about him.
Phil: "Who knows where Kelsey is?"

Sid: "Oh. Kelsey is soo totally bored while grounded for getting a D+ on her math final."

Doug: "What?!... When did you talk to her? I didnt even know you guys talk that much.."

Sid: "Kelsey added me last week on facebook. Did you not see her latest 8 updates?

Doug and Phil: "FACE-CREEPER"
by RiotROy! April 07, 2010
The act of going through every photo/video/piece of information for one given person on Facebook.
Billie: "You HAVE to see the ears on this kid!"

Bob:"Then let us commence facecreeping"
by mathraptor September 09, 2009
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