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facecool is what happens when you try to type out Facebook in a text message with T9 predictive-fucking-text on.
DAVID: Whoah, Rebecca, Victoria's on to us, somebody just text me saying that Victoria's figured out how to use a computer and has just spotted our facecool page.

REBECCA: What the fuck is facecool?

DAVID: I don't know, it's in this text. Can we go to Disney Land Rebecca, you promised.
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish January 03, 2009
A Facebook-savvy person. Usually socially competent and apt in posting funny photos and witty statuses while maintaining proper Facebook etiquette with other facecool members such as not commenting below your mom did about what you did last night at that party.

Basically, the cool kids of facebook. But less middle school is involved.
Matt: Did you see nick's link on facebook last night? It was epic!
Zack: Yeah man! He's so facecool.
by facecool101 January 07, 2011
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