the act of aimlessly exploring and in general wasting valuable time on facebook in lieu of being productive in such activities as homework, napping, etc.; usually applicable to college students
John knew that he had a sociology midterm and english paper due the next day, but ended up facebookrastinating most of the night instead.
by Ari D October 16, 2008
Top Definition
Not getting any work done because you're on facebook. Procrastinating.
Stu was facebookrastinating in the library instead of studying for his statics final.
by The only Nick December 09, 2007
Procrastinating while on facebook
Instead of studying for my statics final, I spent the whole time facebookrastinating.
by Stu Daubenmire December 09, 2007
The act of facebooking while simultaneously attempting to compose an essay on microsoft word or other such program.
Time allotment tends to be 99% facebook, .5% going to the bathroom when you don't have to, .4% staring blankly at your essay, and .1% making up excuses for not having your essay.
Friend on facebook: Hey d00d what is up? I haven't talked to you in 4 ever! Lawl I just totally got a new pencil sharpener, want to hear about it?

Facebookrastinator: YES

Friend on facebook: You're not just facebookrastinating, are you?

Facebookrastinator: YES. i have to go to the bathroom brb.
by Jenkumz January 07, 2009
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