1 .The newly discovered foreign country where any rich individuals should keep his wealth, like Ismet Ulam Raja must have did and supposed to write it in his will, as mentioned in Tiga Abdul movie by P.Ramlee.
A: Where else he keep his wealth ?

B: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Popostan, Titikstan, Gohead Gostan & Tanjung Rambutan..

A: Shit, u forgot another country. Facebookistan !
by Abdul Wahub May 24, 2011
Top Definition
1. Headquarters of facebook, the Pseudo-Socialist Networking terrorists who are rumored to be plotting the takeover of the world. Currently located in Palo Alto but rumored to be moving to Menlo Park, CA in June 2011.
facebookistan is full of shady characters who are spying on and plotting against us with our own personal information.
by dookeyboy April 22, 2011
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